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can you rec your favorite girl!hl fics? :)


yes yes yes with pleasure ! i want to share my girl direction love with everyone. here you go muffin:

inhale and hold the evening by snsk

harry composes music. louis is making a movie.

The Beautiful Game by anonymous

“She always gives you thumbs up,” Zayn says, her legs balanced on a kitchen chair and her head inside the cereal cabinet. “She even mentioned you on twitter once.”
“The twitter that features gems of modern literature such as ‘Orange orange orange.’ or ‘Super hands’? And that’s just recently. Adorable and endearing, yes. Significant, not so much.”
“It said, and I quote ‘@thetommoway’s the best way.’ hashtag welovelou.” Not that Louis needs to be reminded. She’s a knock knock joke away from getting it tattooed on her forehead as it is.

or the one where Louis has a YouTube channel where she vlogs about football and Harry is a food blogger who makes a lot of sex puns and they’ve been pen pals for months but Harry doesn’t know that donnysoldier91 and Louis Tomlinson are the same girl and it becomes kind of a problem when they meet at Louis’ book launch.

i will be the sun (i will wake you up) by tomorrows

"You’re quite cute when you get all fussy about true love, you know that?"

Harry’s conviction falters for a second. “Thank you,” she deadpans. “It means very much a lot to me.” 

AU where Zayn gets turned into a mermaid, Harry and Louis are soulmates, and everyone’s a princess.

Turn Me On (in your blue jeans and short shorts) by tiedupliketwofics

Harry is short for Harriet and Louis is short for Harry (and also Louise). They have a love that shines brighter than the lazy morning sun of the first day off of school after exams together.

(or the one where Louis and Harry are girls and have lots of morning sex to celebrate their exams being over.)

Ridiculous by Star55

The first time they meet, Harry’s got her tits out and Louis inhales hairspray. The events might be related.

Lips Won’t Let Me Go by LoadedGunn

This is it. This is the highlight of Louis’ life. She hooks her chin on Harry’s shoulder, and then says ecstatically, “Driver? Roll up the partition please.”

Or, Harry and Louis are celebrity girlfriends who fuck in limos.

Nothing Gold by FeelsForBreakfast

A High School AU where Harry flirts with girls and Louis flirts with danger. Louis jumps off cliffs and drives like car crashes don’t apply to her because she likes the rush. Harry tells stories and tries to keep her safe. (ghosts, glow in the dark stars, and numb hands)

Her eyes are a challenge: Let go of the brake. Let yourself come down. Don’t be afraid. When you’re young, you aren’t afraid of falling and so you go as fast as you can to feel the rush. And you don’t fall.

Pictures Of You by FeelsForBreakfast

Louis decides she likes taking pictures of Harry. It’s not a thing. (mix tapes, shameless fluff, and happy endings)

"She smells like coconut and lime and the way summer afternoons feel."

a bright future behind you by istajmaal

Orange is the New Black AU. Louis fucks a lot of people, Harry eats a lot of ass, Niall will smuggle a dildo to whomever gets more play, and Zayn thinks Harry and Louis should just make out already.

keep the light on inside (watch it through to sunrise) by istajmaal

Femslash!AU. As rumors that pop stars Harriet Styles and Niall Horan are secretly dating spread, they start to take a toll on Harry’s actual secret relationship.

the things we know by istajmaal

AU. As the two female members of One Direction, Harriet “Harry” Styles and Louise “Lou” Tomlinson face some unique challenges, keeping their relationship a secret not least among them.

you in your skinny jeans anyway by mozartspiano

"oi," harry whispers, breath hot and short against louis’ mouth. "i said no funny business, remember?"
"hm?" louis asks, sliding her leg a bit further across harry’s lap. "what was that? you want to snog me forever?"

au in which harry and louis are a little sick of how the media portrays their relationship.


there is writing on the back of the shirt! x

okay PLEASE. 

At 5:32 Liam puts his mic in between Harry’s legs and slides it, he’s looking at Louis while he’s doing all this, Harry looks down and Louis tries not to make any face and he’s trying so hard not to smirk nor laugh. (5:34 - 5:37) Liam keeps talking with Louis and they laugh. Then Liam hits Louis on his leg with the mic.

Aehm. Liam does his shenanigans with Harry and always has to turn to look at Louis. 



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